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Dr. George Sawabini

I knew I wanted to get into the medical profession since starting my freshman year in college and so far my career journey in medicine has been as rich and rewarding as I ever could have hoped. An incredibly worthwhile component of my medical career has been my 45 years as a dedicated and involved member of the Michigan Association of Osteopathic Family Physicians (MAOFP).

As a young DO, I first joined MAOFP to gain access to the numerous professional development opportunities, critical in-person education at the conferences and an ever-growing connection with medical colleagues working to advance the specialty of Family Medicine. It didn’t take long for me to learn the value of the political advocacy provided by MAOFP and felt comfort in the knowledge that I had an organization that was not only fighting for my legal rights, but also committed to keeping me up to date with legislative developments in the state that impact healthcare.

Because of the consistency and quality of MAOFP’s offerings to members, I began to really count on them as part of my growth and development professionally as well as for much needed engagement and relationships within Michigan’s Osteopathic Physician community. I’d like to share two specific examples of association offerings I have come to rely upon. The first is the CME opportunities at the Summer and Winter conferences up north. Not only were these great continuing education offerings, it was always great seeing medical colleagues from across the state – networking and discussing current medical issues. My second example is the first-rate publications and communications that come from MAOFP. They are most-welcome resources for key industry updates, member news, legislative info impacting healthcare, updates on fellow members and much more.

As I became more involved in MAOFP, fully utilizing all the member offerings and now well-established in my own career, I felt I had something to offer to MAOFP’s many influential committees. Not only was this an opportunity for me to share things I had learned with fellow members and new doctors, it gave me a golden opportunity to explore areas of medicine I was not yet familiar with. I’ve served on numerous MAOFP committees over the years and each one was a valuable experience to both give and receive medical knowledge. Eventually, my involvement grew to the point where I was honored to serve as president of the organization.

The support I have received from the MAOFP community over the years has brought immense value to my career and to my quality of life as a doctor. Because Family Medicine is my basic specialty there is no professional association that could be a better fit for me than MAOFP. Whether someone is new to the profession, or just looking to be part of a medical community that is committed to serving its members and optimizing the health of our patients in Michigan I believe there is no better investment for your time and money.


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