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Dr. Saroj Misra

Both my mother and father were physicians, but I never wanted to be a physician myself until I had the opportunity to volunteer with the Red Cross alongside my parents. It was then that I started to understand what was so important that they were often gone for a lot of my events as a kid - the care and wellbeing of others. After that, I knew I would always seek a role where I could care for people, but I only made the decision to be a physician as a sophomore in college. It was in my residency that I learned about the Michigan Association of Osteopathic Family Physicians (MAOFP) and I’ve been a loyal, dedicated and grateful member for over 14 years.

I originally joined the MAOFP because I wanted to join a community of osteopathic family physicians. It was important to me to get involved and help ensure that our profession was well-served and well-represented in the State of Michigan. Because of my involvement with MAOFP I have a better understanding of the issues that primary care physicians face in terms of creating opportunities for themselves and ensuring scope of practice. I have seen first-hand how important it has been for us to have an organization that advocates for outpatients and learners.

As a member of MAOFP I have come to rely on so many of the different valuable offerings. The annual conferences are always great and an excellent way to both learn and network. The camaraderie and education are always first-rate! The newsletter is full of useful information, and I always check it out when it hits my inbox. I was grateful to see how MAOFP raised their game when COVID hit, offering not only useful and timely information about the effect the virus was having on healthcare but also providing fun virtual lounges to bring members together online.

As much as MAOFP meant to me as a new physician, I have valued it even more as my career has grown. I am proud to say I transitioned from needing that guidance and leadership, to being a leader myself. I am fortunate to have served on a number of MAOFP committees, including Mentorship, Education, Government Affairs and eventually went on to serve a term as President of the organization. When I mentor new DOs just joining MAOFP, I tell them they now have near-instant access to like-minded colleagues for professional and personal help. I share with pride that they now have the support of a strong organization, always advocating for their rights as a physician and for the rights of their patients.

The MAOFP has been one of the greatest things I have participated in as a professional - it has literally opened doors for me to better opportunities – both as a physician and as a leader at the state and national level. I have enjoyed being a member, a leader and worker for the MAOFP and hope to continue to do so for years to come!


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